Making a release

A core developer should use the following steps to create a release of Cell Locator

  1. Update adding missing entries in Next Release section

  2. Remote connect to overload windows build machine (internally hosted at Kitware)

  3. Open Git Bash and update source checkout

    cd /d/D/P/CL-0
    git pull origin main
  4. Run D:\D\DashboardScripts\overload-vs2019-cell-locator_preview_experimental.bat script

    Scripts are available at

  5. From the developer workstation, tag the release:

    git tag --sign -m "${release}" ${release} main
    git push origin ${release}


    We recommend using a GPG signing key to sign the tag.

  6. From the developer workstation:

  1. Go to, then create a release or pre-release from the tag.

    Update release description to include text like the following:

    See [release notes](

    where XYZ-YYYY-MM-DD should corresponds to the release set in previous steps.

  2. From the build machine, login to GitHub and upload the package as a release asset.